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123 Recycle Your WEEE gives you the opportunity to clear your workplace of old electrical items and have them securely and responsibly recycled at our Approved Authorised Treatment Facility in Kent.

Clear your workplace or home of old or broken electrical items for us to recycle or collect for reuse or recycling. Here are some electrical items you might have:

The amount of electronic waste that we throw away is increasing by around 5% each year, making it the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. The 123 Recycle Your WEEE service provides collection and recycling of waste electronic items from businesses in London. Whether you have a washing machine from home, computers from an office, fridges from a butcher, drills from a builder’s yard or dryers from a hairdressers, call today to arrange a collection.

Please note we are unable to book collections containing more than five fluorescent tubes, five toner cartridges and/or two domestic fridges. Additional domestic fridges are £40+VAT each. Commercial fridges are not covered by this service and can be quoted separately - price on application.

Your responsibility as a business

When businesses produce waste they have a range of responsibilities. These include complying with the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations and complying with duty of care requirements. Duty of care includes storing waste correctly, using a registered waste carrier and keeping a waste transfer note when waste leaves your business.

    You must comply with the weee regulations if you:

  • manufacture, import or rebrand electrical or electronic equipment
  • distribute or sell electrical or electronic equipment
  • generate any waste electrical or electronic equipment
  • refurbish or repair waste electrical or electronic equipment
  • treat, recycle or recover any waste electrical or electronic equipment

So act responsibly today and arrange a collection and recycling of your waste electrical equipment by contacting us.