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Recycling plant in Kent

What happens to the material once it's collected?

Items are taken to our approved authorised treatment facility in Kent (shown left). The collected items are unloaded and screened.

What happens to PCs, and the data stored on them?

The hard drives that are collected are taken to the treatment facility in Kent where they get shredded.

Can I order a collection for my sofa/unwanted paint/anything else?

If you have any waste other than waste electronics then please contact your local authority for further advice and guidance.

How do I arrange a regular recycling collection?

We will endeavor to collect any amount of waste electronics from your work premises and will encourage you to have a good search around your work place and home for those broken or unwanted electrical items. Please give us a call (freephone 0800 085 1050) to find out when we are next in your area.

How do I know that materials won’t be illegally exported?

All of the collected material will be processed by an approved authorised treatment facilities and no export of items as waste will occur. If you have computer equipment including monitors, base units, keyboards and cables of good specification they can be donated to Computer Aid International, a UK registered charity that aims to reduce poverty in developing countries through practical ICT solutions. Computer Aid International data wipe all hard drives and asset track all equipment sent to their partner projects.

Can I add items to my collection?

Additional items are not able to be added to your collection due to capacity on the vehicle, so we advise you have a full itinerary of what you need to have collected at the time of your booking.

Can I bring electrical items from home into work to be collected through this scheme?

Yes, we all have broken or unwanted electricals lying around at home. Check in the back of drawers for old chargers, calculators or shavers and look in the cupboards for irons, toasters and kettles that have run out of steam and add them to your waste electricals collection pile from work.

Why is there an admin fee?

In order to ensure that the service remains sustainable throughout London the £95.00 + VAT admin fee for businesses has been kept to a minimum. The admin fee covers all paperwork and Duty of Care while the transport and recycling remain free of charge.

Charities and schools are classed as businesses but we are happy to speak to individuals on a case by case basis to see if there is any other solutions that we can offer. Schools can also try to contact their Authorities website as there may be a school recycling promotion in your area.

Is there a minimum number of items per collection?

There are no minimum quantities, but we are not able to collect, fluorescent tube, toner cartridge or fridge only collections.  Your waste electronics collection must include other electrical items as well in order for the service to remain sustainable.

How can I pay for the service?

Payment can be made by BACS, credit and debit cards or cheque. Cheques are payable to Sweeep Kuusakoski Ltd. Funds will need to be cleared prior to a collection taking place. You can cancel a collection for any reason but, please note we can only refund payment if you cancel at least two working days in advance of the agreed collection date and time. If a collection is re-arranged with less than two working days’ notice, an additional minimum charge of £95.00 + VAT will be made.